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New Release 3.2.7

Release 3.2.7 has build and is available by contacting us.

Main new features are optimisation and increase the robustess of the frameword.

Components supports now listeners (on selections, cache and filters).

JDK < 1.5 is no more supported.


New Project started

The Gweb company has just startd the development of three new project in the Healthcare sector with the JUnivers framework.

Projects are patient file managment related.


New Release 3.2.4

Release 3.2.4 has build.

It will be soon downloadable.

Release 3.2.2

 - Commons

Matrice : added Serial Version UID (1)
MatriceMap : added Serial Version UID (1) & added colNames in toString()

- Core

CacheSelectionManager /**2005-12-15 use setter to send event **/ + hasAlreadyBeenRefreshed()
CDataToolKit : added
CToolKit : added
DefaultComponent /** 2006-01-02 addSelectionChangedListener method added **/
DefaultComponent /** 2005-12-15 new link type : LinkRefreshSelection & LinkRefreshCache **/
DefaultComponent /** 2005-12-15 refresh details **/ : implicit detail refresh when LinkFilter exists
DefaultComponent /** 2005-10-04TR  : setTransaction(null) does not release transaction anymore **/
DefaultComponent startTransaction() : throw exception if transaction is already present
DefaultComponent stopTransaction() : throw exception if no transaction is present
DefaultComponent /** 2005-11-28 Add LinkTreePrior insert support **/ (Auto init values)
DefaultModifiable /** 2005-10-25 Add Listener support **/
MyIdChildModifiable /** 2006-01-03 Add Listener support **/
MyIdChildModifiable /** 2005-10-28 Remove keys list which wasn't refreshed when unknown value was found **/
ListenerManager 2005-10-04LS Bugcorr. & Doc (avoid classCastException on line 80) (/**2005-10-12LSName ListenerManager argument name**/&/**2005-10-12LSRemove ListenerManager Key identification bug)
MatriceMaps : added

- Implementation

Oracle : /** 2006-02-07 set null parameter with "setString" (also for numbers, ...) to avoid SQLException bug in Oracle 8i. "setObject(j+1,null)" works in 10g. **/
NativeXMLDictionary, Project : /** 2005-10-25 check imported  components SIds **/
NativeXMLDictionary, Project : component shadowing in project inheritance
NativeXMLDictionary, Component : getDefUId() /** 2006-01-02 p instanceof Element returns true on IAS when p is a document **/ (tuning for Oracle IAS compatibility)
NativeXMLDictionary, Component : getField() /** 2006-01-06 bug : add dad!=null && test **/
NativeXMLDictionary, Component : initFields() /** 2005-10-24 Allow Children overriding by sid **/

Add derby support

- J2EE

Add Trtansactional Server Facade
AbstractJDBCFieldsModifOperation /** 2005-11-29 put inserted value in the returning map when no generated value returned **/

Release 3.1.4 is out

 Main new features are :

* Remote ServerFacade support
* Edition system on DefaultComponent
* some bug fixes

New Release 3.1.3

Main new features are :

* Dynamic Entity definition creation from Data source (no more need to specify all Entities in ApplicationDefinition File)
* "bind" system added  to permie direct "Component" to field attribute binding in xml definitions
* Full JNDI parameters support
* Full stored parametrized I/O database stored procedures & functions (Use LinkParam form input parameter values)
* some bug fixes (number lengths)
* no more need to specify default parameters in project properties files

Realease 3.1.2 is out !

Release 3.1.2 is out. Main new features are :

  • Full support for MS SQL Server Database
  • New XML Dictionary facilities
  • Support for auto generated primary keys in datasources (databases)
  • Some new Struts actions in J2EE web module

[See the ChangeLog for more details]

This stable version won't change a lot before being re-released under a production number (3.2.0). You can the start use it in your developpements.

Click here to browse the JUnivers file server to download the latest version or browse. the download page

Belgian E-Gov Award for a JUnivers project !


The JUnivers Team is proud to announce you that "Transport Scolaire", a JUnivers project developed by the company NSI, has just received a Belgian "E-Governement Award".

[click here to read more]

New minor JUnivers version release.

I just release a new JUnivers minor version and upgraded the download page to explain how version numbers are organized. Have a look at it !

You can read the ChangeLog here.

Click here to browse the JUnivers file server to download the latest version.

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